Archived Sermon Notes
*12/22/19 p.m.  Christmas Prophesies
*12/08/19 p.m.  Join us for “A Hometown Christmas” event at
                         the town green
*11/17/19 p.m.  Poplarville Together Thanksgiving Service. 
                         The service will begin at 5pm in front of the
                         courthouse.  Bring a camp chair and a blanket.
                         This service will be a time of community prayer,
                         praise, and thanksgiving.
*08/18/19 p.m.  Missions Update
                         Lifestyle Apart from Repentance?
*07/21/19 p.m.  Church Without Walls outreach
*06/09/19 a.m. Come and Worship
*03/31/19  p.m. service,  REVIVAL!
*01/27/19  a.m. service,  The Passionless Church
*01/27/19  a.m. service,  Come and hear our special guest!
*12/29/18  Welcome guest speaker Bro. Les Walton of Beartooth Christian Camp
*12/02/18  Drama Presentation: The Town Square
*11/11/18  Be Not Anxious
*09/23/18  a.m. service,  First Responder Appreciation
*09/23/18  p.m. service,  Background of 1st Peter
*09/09/18  a.m. service,  A Christ-Centered Marriage
*08/12/18  a.m. service, Welcome our Special Guest
*06/24/18  Promise Keeper
*05/27/18  Freedom To Do Good – p.m. service
*05/20/18  Freedom to walk – p.m. service
*04/29/18  Freedom to Love – p.m. service
*07/16/17  AM: Youth present on Youth Retreat
*11/20/16  Paul and the Holy Spirit- by Bro. Jason Skinner
*11/06/16  Revival with Rev. Paul Watts & The Crowe Family
  John 3:22-30

*7/27/14  Jeremiah 29:11  In God We Trust Our Future

     -Guest-Speaker: Bro. Brad Wells

*6/8/14  Luke 15:11-24  Your Life’s Story

*5/25/14  Joshua 4: 21-24  Don’t Forget God

*5/18/14  Proverbs 3:13 to18  Happy & Blessed

*5/11/14  Mother’s Day Topical

*5/04/14  Fan or Follower

*4/20/14  Resurrection Responses

*4/13/14  Words From the Cross