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Opportunities to Grow

No one wants to just sit still and become stagnant.  Here at Oak Hill Baptist Church we offer many opportunities to learn & grow in your relationship with the Lord.  Be sure to take advantage of the many opportunities to keep moving forward:

Sunday School

No matter what your age, we have a Sunday School group that will offer interesting topics sure to help us to learn how to apply the Bible to everyday circumstances.  Whether you need to learn how God wants us to deal with telling “a little white lie” to mom & dad; how to act when we’re out with our friends; how to deal with that difficult boss; or how to love our loved ones even when we don’t like them so much… Sunday School is the perfect time to learn & share in a comfortable small-group setting with your peers!

Sunday Nights- 6:00 p.m. Bible Study

Come as you are! Sunday evenings offer us a time of digging deeper into God’s Word to grow in our knowledge of what we believe and why we believe it.  You won’t want to miss this time of spiritual enrichment, no matter what your age!
***Bible Buddies – Grades K-3
***Bible Drills – Grades 4-6
***Youth – Grades 7-12 & college
***Evening Worship – Adults

Wednesday Night Missions & Prayer –  All Ages

Mission Friends (babies-Grade K), GA’s, RA’s & Youth gather on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. to learn more about Jesus- how He can impact your life and how we can learn to become more and more like Him through mission activities, music, prayer, and sharing your experiences with your friends. Don’t want to come alone?  Bring your neighbors and friends to join in this awesome time each week.  Need a ride?  Contact us.

Adults, if you are yearning to grow in your faith, your trust in God, your love for those around us, and your sacrifice of prayer, then you won’t want to miss Wednesday evenings at 6:00. Come as you are.  Please contact us if you need a ride.


***Mission Friends

Parents, we offer your children up to grade K many fun and safe activities that will help them learn to be even more awesome friends, neighbors, sons, daughters, and siblings! 


***GAs (Girls in Action)

Our GAs enjoy so many interesting and fun activities throughout the year.  Girls grades 1-6 are sure to grow and learn as they develop life-long friendships while they share God’s love with others.  Gather weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm for a great time of learning and growing together.

***RAs (Royal Embassadors)

Every boy in grades 1-6 will want to grab this opportunity to develop biblical character as you grow spiritually, physically, & mentally alongside your friends.  Whether we are out on our camp site, inside learning to be better friends, or off on a really cool field trip applying what we learn as we share God’s love with others, one thing is certain- you will have an awesome time!  Don’t want to come alone? – Come Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. & bring a neighbor or friend!

Youth Studies

Youth, you’ll love all the activities we have throughout the year!  Extra-special activities along with our regular weekly gatherings on Sunday and Wednesday nights offer opportunities to engage with other Christian youths in a positive environment and in real-work situations.  We offer adult counsel to build relationships and strengthen bonds with your friends, family, and with Jesus Christ.

Time 4 Truth – Daily Bible Study

Each week we offer in our ‘Resources’ section a set of short daily bible readings with a weekly focus theme.  Each morning from Monday through Saturday, take just 5 minutes to read and contemplate the powerful message from the Bible.  Don’t forget to read and commit to memory the monthly memory verse.  These two resources are a couple of quick ways to grow in your relationship with and knowledge of the Lord, when time becomes a challenge.

Growing in the Word

Here is a collection of outlines from previous bible studies and additional devotionals to help you grow as a Christian, or to understand what is in the Bible.  Review these to keep the truths fresh in your mind and begin committing the corresponding Bible verses to memory.  You can also use these outlines to share with your family, friends, or co-workers.  You’re sure to find a topic that applies to your life right now!