For you and for me,
He Is Risen!

Want to know what it’s all about?

   Before He was crucified, Jesus prayed for every believer – not only the ones who believed in Him then, but for every person who WILL make the decision to believe and trust in Him (John 17:20-26).  That means that He has already prayed for those who are GOING to ask Him to be a part of their lives!  Are you one of these?

   Jesus loves each and every one of us so much that He willingly suffered unimaginable torment, and finally was nailed to a cross – ‘crucified’ – to hang in front of crowds of people who mocked Him (John 19:17-42)Some of those people later became believers, just as you can.

   After Jesus was crucified, some of his followers went to His grave to find that His body was no longer there.  But He later appeared to them several times to let them know that He is risen from death to live forever in Heaven.  He suffered persecution and the horrible crucifixion so that every person who believes in Him will also live with Him, forever in the presence of the all-loving God (John 20:1-30).