The Positives of Persecution

Daniel 6:1-28

I. The ________ for Persecution (Daniel 6:1-9)
a. Because you ______ for Christ. (John 16:33)
b. Because you _______ to follow Christ more than the world. (2 Timothy 3:12)
II. The _________ to Persecution (Daniel 6:10)
a. A discipline of ______ v.10

Daniel’s praying gives us great insight for our discipline.  

  1. Prayer is a public testimony of one’s source of ______.
  2. Prayer is a testimony that life is built on communing with the ________ of God.
  3. Prayer is more ________ than life.
b. A desperation for God’s _______ and _______ v. 10

III. The _________ of Persecution (Daniel 6:16-28)

a. Your _________ will cause many to pay attention. vv. 16-18
b. Your _________ will cause many to praise God. vv.25-27