Teaching Others for Our Good and His Glory

Deuteronomy 6:5-25


I. Diligently Teach Them the __________ of God (vv.5-9)

What? (v.5)

When? (v.7)

How? (vv.8-9)

II. Deliberately Teach Them to Have __________ for God’s Work (vv.10-19)
a. Through _________ (vv.10-12).
b. Through a _______ to bow to other gods. (vv.13-16).

III. Delightfully Teach Them the _________ of God and His Glory (vv.20-25)

a. _______ them of God’s faithfulness (vv.20-24).
b.  _______ them of our righteousness through Jesus Christ (v.25).