Introduction to the book of Daniel

Background notes: Daniel and friends are placed in captivity in Babylon (Iraq) in 605 BC. They were chosen to be a part of Nebuchadnezzar’s court. Persia (Iran) conquered Babylon in 539 BC. Daniel was once again given a place of power.

Main themes: God has absolute sovereignty over kings and kingdoms. He is the ruler over all things. (2:21; 4:34-37). All kingdoms will come to an end and be replaced by God’s kingdom (2:44; 7:27). God’s saints will persevere to everlasting life in the final kingdom (12:1-3)

Book Outline: Chs. 1-6 (A Godward Life, the Prophet) Narrative, Chs. 7-12 (Power to Persevere, the Prophecies) Apocalyptic Visions.

The Power of God to Overcome Cultural Captivity

Daniel 1:1-9

I. God is at work even during our _________ (1:1-2)


II. God is at work as He __________ His message through ___________ His people (1:3)


III. God is at work calling followers to __________ to Him and not be taken captive by a worldly culture (1:4-9)


How does culture take us captive?

a.  ____________ (1:3)
b.  ____________ (1:4)
c.  ____________ (1:5)
d.  ____________ (1:6-7)