From Failure to the Most Fortunate  

Luke 2:8-20


I. The shepherds were viewed as _________, yet God saw them as ________. (Luke 2:8-10)
a. God believes that the message with the _______ priority should be given to the ______ people. (vv.8-9)
b. God wanted to use the _______ likely to share the ________ message to ____ people. (v.10)


II. The _______________ of the gospel. (Luke 2:11-14)
a.The long awaited Savior has ________. (v.11)
b. The Savior is worthy of _________. (vv.13-14)


III. The _______________to sharing God’s fortune. (Luke 2:15-20)

a. _______ (vv.17-18)
b. _______ (v.19)
c. _______ (v.20