The Righteous Shall Live By Faith
Habakkuk 1-2:4
Background: Habakkuk, the prophet told the people of Judah or the Southern Kingdom of Israel that judgement was coming. God had already punished the people of Israel through the Assyrians in 722 BC, yet they did not learn from this punishment. Habakkuk was telling Judah they would receive judgement, not that repentance would delay judgement like it did in Nineveh, but that it was too late for Judah. Judah had become a proud, Godless, and wicked land full of idolatry and had strayed away from God! God was going to send the Babylonians also known as the Chaldeans to punish Judah. Habakkuk was possibly written between 640-615 BC and the fulfillment of this prophecy happened in 586 BC. Habakkuk turns a lament into a song of praise in Chapter 3.

Three main themes:

  1. Proud people without God will be judged and punished accordingly!
  2. The righteous (those with God, through faith in Christ) shall live by faith in God. (Hab. 2:4) This is also restated in Rom. 1:17; Gal. 3:11; and Heb. 10:38.
  3. God is good even during evil times. (Proof is the Cross)
Theological Doctrine: Justification by faith alone. We see this in Habakkuk, but clarified in Ephesians 2 and Hebrews 11.
The People’s ___________ (Hab. 1:1-4)
The Lord’s ___________ (Hab. 1:5-11)
  • The Lord’s ways are _________, yet accomplish His purpose every time. (vv.5-6)
The Prophet’s Problem with the Lord’s _________ (Hab. 1:12-2:1)
The Lord’s ________ (Hab. 2:2-4)
a. The Lord will continue to unfold His _______. (vv. 2-3)
b. The Lord will preserve His _______ through faith. (v.4)