Colossians 3:18-21
Life is busy! We desperately need direction in our marriage and family to honor God. The great challenging question within our marriages is: Will we do it God’s way? God has designed marriage to be a reflection of the relationship He has with His Church. We are the bride and He is the groom. In any relationship, we will have barriers, problems, and limitations, but God doesn’t! He knows us better than we know ourselves and our greatest joy is found when we submit to His plan!
Why does this study matter? 1. If you’re newly married, this transformational foundation can bring you a lifetime of joy pointing others to Jesus! That is the point of marriage, to point others to Christ! 2. If you’re a veteran at marriage, consider this as “preventive maintenance” for your marriage. 3. If you’re single or dating, see this through the lens of how much Christ loves you and how we should have a deep love and concern for all people. Regardless of where you’re at, God’s Word is authoritative! You can share this information to encourage and help guide others!
Paul gives the Colossian church great instructions for the unity of marriage and the family. But we must surrender to God’s plan. This plan will develop more throughout each session. I’m using information from several Christian authors, pastors, and teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject of marriage.
The distance in a marriage may be caused by the distance with Christ. A Christian marriage therapist started examining the cause of divorce in Christian marriages. One of the number one traits he found was one or both partners stopped have a serious devotional life with Christ. When Spiritual Disciplines stop, the spouse and family suffer! Our constant relationship with Christ to fight the flesh and sin must be continually honed in order to be on offense against Satan’s schemes.
Surrender to Your True Love, Christ
The Wife is to Yield to their Husband (Col. 3:18)
  1. Wives give submission to their husbands.
  2. Wives give adoration to Christ.
The Husband is to Yearn for his Wife (Col. 3:19)
  1. Husbands provide the best for their wives.
  2. Husbands prevent bitterness toward their wives.
Men, are you the type of man you’d want your daughter marry? Are you giving every reason for your wife to trust and submit to you? Be the spiritual leader that the family needs!
Children Honor Your Parents (Col. 3:20)
  1. Obedient children bless their earthly parents.
  2. Obedient children please their heavenly Father.
Parents Encourage Your Children (Col. 3:21)
  1. Parents shouldn’t unfairly demean their children.
  2. Parents shouldn’t unwisely discourage their children.
A practical step one should take is to spend time in prayer with your spouse asking God to make you a better husband or wife and to put the other’s needs before your own. You may have to apologize for having become self-focused instead of Christ-focused which naturally is others focused.
The same thing is true for the children. Pray with them and let them know that you’re seeking God’s guidance to become a better parent. Ask your children to pray for you too.
Ten Tips for True Love
From Dr. Howard G. Hendricks’ Yardsticks for Love
  1. True love involves a responsiveness to the total self of the one loved.
  2. In true love there is not only a feeling of pleasure but also of reverence.
  3. True love has a quality of self-giving.
  4. Love embraces a willingness to take responsibility as well as to accept joy.
  5. True love is marked by unusual joy while in the company of the other, and pain in separation from the other.
  6. There is a mutual enjoyment of each other without constant need of physical expression.
  7. True love has protective attitude.
  8. In true love there is feeling of belonging.
  9. True love has the feeling that you understand each other unusually well.
  10. Love matures.