Signs of a Healthy Church

The Beginning of the New Testament Church

Acts 2:42-47


I love to see new life, don’t you? A tree that has been planted, years later becomes a memorial of God’s goodness! Growing an Oak tree from an acorn is act of God! It takes Sunlight, the right soil, enough water, but before all of that, it first it has to be planted doesn’t it? It has to be planted to become healthy! If it’s not planted, it may sprout, but it will eventually die!

In order for us to grow, we have to be planted in a healthy church. Here are some signs of a healthy church as we see the beginning of the New Testament Church taking shape.


A Devotion to the Word of God (Acts 2:42) This is so vital! “Faith comes through hearing the message and the message is the Word of Christ.” Romans 10:17. When we gather to study God’s Word, there is something the Holy Spirit does that we cannot produce ourselves! The Word is the soil, the very food that will nourish our growth! You show me someone on fire for the Word of God, who sees much of God, then you will see that they do much for God!

A Determination to Fellowship Together (Acts 2:42) Why should we be physically present within a local body of believers? We were created for community! We were created to encourage one another, as Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “to spur on one another.” Fellowship, or koinonia in Greek means to share, or partnership. We share our joys and our burdens with one another! We long to be around one another! 

A Dedication to Remember the Works of God (Acts 2:42) “Breaking bread” meant that they were both celebrating the resurrection of Christ through the Lord’s Supper and that they dined together and spoke of the glory of God together! A healthy church celebrates Christ together!

A Desperation for God Through Prayer (Acts 2:42) The early church cried out in desperation for God’s work to be accomplished! I don’t believe God causes chaos or hardship, yet I believe He allows it knowing that our greatest joy will come out of a desperate pursuit of seeking Him! Some of the sweetest times with Jesus have been during the darkest days and circumstances. Let me remind you of one of my favorite passages in Philippians 4:6-7 “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

The Display and Amazement of God’s Work (Acts 2:43) As a result of the powerful work of prayer and evangelism, we will see God’s amazing work! I promise you! It has and will happen!

A Delightful Spirit of Generosity and Giving (Acts 2:44-45) There is such a love and concern that those in need will be cared for! God gives to us in order for us to give away! He allows us to be stewards of His money! He owns the cattle on thousands hills and according to my Uncle all the taters in those hills!

A Determination to Participate (Acts 2:46) They all attended, they all served, they all participated in some way! You are God’s answer to other’s salvation! What do I mean? We are to participate, to respond to God’s call to share and show His love!  

A Devotion to the Joyful Praise of God (Acts 2:47) There was a joy in talking about and praising God. You’ll notice that the New Testament doesn’t give guidance into preference and style of worship and praise! It’s just that we enjoy Jesus! We find ways to praise Him! Please do not allow your preferences to stunt your joy, instead, long to sing, read, and work for and from the joy of your salvation!  

The Display of an Attractive Faith (Acts 2:47) There is nothing more attractive to winning the lost than to see a joyous Christian in the workplace! A healthy Christian reproduces for a healthy church!

The Daily Act of Evangelism (Acts 2:47) I want to talk about the wonderful work of Christ, don’t you! Calling the lost to salvation in Christ through the work of the cross is our mission isn’t it!

This can be summed up into five main ingredients of growth, five vital signs of health.

Five Vital Signs that will Help Us Grow:

  1. Biblical Nourishment
  2. Persistent Prayer
  3. A Loving Fellowship
  4. Vibrant Worship
  5. Continual Outreach


You are the nourishing soil! You are the radiance of Christ! You are the messenger of truth through God’s Word! We must be planted to be healthy! To sustain a healthy church, we’ve got to be healthy people in Christ! We’ve got to be planted!  Are their areas at Oak Hill we need to work on? You better believe it! We have to continually look at our vital signs and pray! How will you be planted? What will you provide to help the health of Oak Hill Baptist Church?