An Unlikely Conquest

1 Samuel 17:32-51


You’ve heard about David and Goliath and could probably tell the story forward and backwards. We often improperly identify ourselves as David, in which God calls us to kill large giants when in reality we are the cowering helpless nation of Israel. If we are going to parallel, let’s place Jesus in the place of David, the Savior of God’s people.

Trust God’s Purpose (1 Samuel 17:32-37) God’s purpose is to bring Himself glory through us. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things through Christ! God has called us to be strong in His power, not our own strength, to trust His purpose! We see this very clearly with David and also with Joshua. God commands Joshua to trust God’s purpose when given the task to cross into the Promised Land. What we know about the Philistines is that they were a group of people that lived in the land God had promised to Israel, Canaan. God had given Israel orders generations before David to conquer these people and dwell in the land. Why did they not do this? Why did they not go into the Promised Land?

a. They did not trust in God’s purpose. He is looking to show us miracles. “Well pastor, I’ve never seen a miracle.” I’d say you’re not looking! Have you ever seen a birth? Have you or someone you love every come to faith in Jesus Christ? I mean real repentant life transformed faith? Have you been allowed to breathe today? When we place our agenda above God’s purpose we lose direction.
b. The Intimidation of the Philistines. They were some of the first people to build weapons from bronze and iron. They were bigger than the Hebrews. Goliath was said to be six cubits and a span (9 ½ ft.). The Hebrew males were on average 5 ft. 3 inches tall. David was considered the runt of the family, so in hand to hand combat with swords, size meant everything! What intimidates you? Is it money? Is it safety or security? Are these things paralyzing you from doing what God has asked you to do?
c. Israel’s Paralyzing Lack of Faith. They tried to conquer giants in their own strength instead of God’s. In what paralyzes you, have you prayed for the peace of Jesus Christ to overcome?

God often uses the most unlikely candidate to accomplish His mission. David, a teenager who wouldn’t have been able to fight yet, was left to watch the sheep and deliver lunches to his brothers. David obeys Jesse, his father, and takes food to the frontline. He hears a lot and ask a few questions. He finds out that Goliath has insulted God and this causes David to get angry, challenge accepted! God will often allow us to face giants so that we will trust Him alone. Be confident in God’s power, not your own!

Trust God’s Power (1 Samuel 17:43-48) God’s Purpose is His glory!

Be courageous in God’s power! As you seek God for strength and wisdom, be courageous knowing that He will provide! What is Courage? Courage is faith in action. You know what worry is? The sin of thinking that God cannot take care of your life! We become practical atheist when we worry! We acknowledge Christ with our mind and month, but our lives live as though there is no God! One of my favorite New Testament passages shows God’s might and courage in all circumstances!

2 Timothy 1:7 “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Feel the gravity of verses 45-47. Many may look at this and think that David is just talking trash. He’s in (v.47) really placing courage in the power of God, not his own.  

Trust God’s Promises (1 Samuel 17:49-51)

I want you to picture that you are an Israeli soldier standing in the Valley of Elah E la, what stands before you in this valley is a giant and a Philistine army. Your hope of salvation is in this young man David! This is what you may say, “That doesn’t make sense! He is not able to save us! He cannot save us!” No, but God can! The gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ is foolish to the rational person! God is not practical! He has seen fit to use His son for salvation! Salvation comes by us placing faith in the work that Jesus Christ did on the cross! Because Jesus took out the real giant in our lives, (forgiving our sin and granting eternal life), we can bravely face lesser giants that come!

When we’re certain of salvation in Christ, we live our lives in such a way that everything revolves around this certainty! Why do we put more emphasis on our children’s academic and athletic endeavors than on leading our families toward the CROSS! Once they come to the cross and die to self, help them grow in Christ! Be certain that Christ is the Savior and that He alone can save us, which matters eternally, not my child’s ACT score! I want to get this! I want to be so certain that Hell awaits all who never place faith in Jesus and that Heaven is filled with the awe of God that I can’t help but endure this life for the next with Christ! May our hearts scream for Jesus! If He (God) can raise a dead man (me) to live for Jesus, everything else is a small miracle!  

If you’re not certain of salvation in Christ, you’ll turn back on every giant that comes, especially death!

Trust God’s Purpose

Trust God’s Power

Trust God’s Promises