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I’m So Confused!

Romans 7:14-20

When we DO what we shouldn’t do, and we DON’T do what we should,
we really need to ask ourselves 3 questions:

1. What is wrong with me?

A. Our sinful nature- Romans 5:12 reminds us that every person was born with a sinful nature.
B. We want to believe that there exist “little sins”, or that we can sin “just a little”.  Unfortunately, God doesn’t
     use a relative scale to judge when we are outside of His rules for us.  It’s a “yes”/ “no” situation, just as when
     we go 1 mile more over the speed limit is still breaking the speed limit.

2. Why do I keep doing this?

A. The forbidden always attracts us.  Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to give something up only to
     crave that very thing constantly?  Or have you ever found yourself in front of a sign reading ‘Wet Paint / Do
     Not Touch”, only to find yourself touching the painted item anyway?  We just seem to want to do what we
     know we shouldn’t.
B. Our sinful nature sits ready to give in to Satan’s suggestions by the power that we give him. But once we are
     saved, we are under the authority of the Lord God through Jesus’ blood. Therefore, the only power that Satan
     has over us is the power that we give him!

3. How do I stop?

A. Repent: tell the Lord how sorry you are for living against His will (and mean it)
B. Reject that temptation and turn away from it.
C. Live under God’s power, always in His will!